Break Conference

Belfast · 12-14 November, 2014

What is design and how is it changing? How are designers evolving as we move away from a world of design specialism that has, until very recently, been so prevalent?

Break is a new conference in Belfast, about breaking down boundaries and removing the artificial barriers that have somehow been erected to encircle the various ‘specialisms’ of design. It explores how what we do as designers is changing to reflect an increasingly fluid and multidisciplinary form of making.

We launched Break on Kickstarter on 15 April, and were delighted when we reached our £20,000 goal with time to spare. We’re working on a new web site for Break, while we’re working on it, we’ve provided full details of the conference on our Kickstarter page. We’ve a handful of tickets remaining, click the link below to snap up one of the last few.

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Follow @breakconf on Twitter for updates or, if you have questions, please do get in touch.